Hike Through Nikko's Rugged Nature

Nikko's mountainous terrain and spectacular nature make it a popular destination for hikers. From deep forest paths to rugged mountain trails, and leisurely strolls to challenging treks, Nikko has hikes of nearly every duration, difficulty and setting.


Hiking in Okunikko

Nikko's most popular hikes are found in Okunikko, with its lush forests, sprawling plains and towering Mt. Nantai.

The most popular hiking course in Okunikko is through woods, Ramsar Convention-registered wetlands and the Senjogahara Plateau. Other popular destinations are majestic Lake Yunoko or the three famous waterfalls of Okunikko: Yudaki Falls, Kegon Falls and Ryuzu Falls. For sweeping views of the entire area, take a short hike and cable car ride up to the Akechidaira Observatory.

For even quieter, less-visited hikes, head to Odashirogahara and the area around Lake Sainoko.


Other hikes around Nikko

The Ryuo Valley displays lavish seasonal beauty — especially in autumn — and the Kinugawa River that runs through it is famous for its many-colored rocks. Stones range from white to blue and purple in various areas of the 6-kilometer-long valley.

For a more wide-open hike, choose the high marshlands of Kinunuma Swamp. Awash with colorful flora in summer and early fall, the swamp is full of local alpine plants and wildlife.

Areas of Nikko