Family fun in all seasons

Nikko is ideal for families, with a range of indoor and outdoor activities, cultural experiences and beautiful scenery to enjoy. From summer boat cruises to winter fruit picking or ski experiences, Nikko offers family fun in all seasons. On rainy days, visit Nikko’s museums, or take a fun cooking class. In sunny weather, experience the beauty of Nikko’s rich natural environment.


Experience Farm Life

Nikko’s fruit and dairy farms are ideal for families. Ozasa Farm is situated on northern Nikko’s sweeping Kifuri Plateau, and is known for its Brown Swiss dairy cows. Try fresh milk as well as a range of delicious products including soft-serve ice cream that captures the rich and delicately sweet flavor of milk. Take a break for lunch at the outdoor barbeque area, serving tender beef and mutton dishes. Families can enjoy the large playground, and the petting zoo where goats, sheep, and horses roam. Kotoku Farm is located within the boundaries of Nikko National Park. A walking path around the pastures leads to an attractive pond, and the farm is known for its fall foliage. Enjoy a scenic stroll with some fresh ice cream. Nikko Strawberry Park offers all-you-can-eat strawberry picking. Raised garden beds in wheelchair-friendly greenhouses make strawberry picking accessible to everyone. It’s a popular activity for rainy or snowy days. Try the large, sweet fruits of Tochigi Prefecture’s famous Tochi-Otome strawberries. Strawberry picking season usually runs from December through late-May, depending on the weather conditions. Nikko Strawberry Park may be closed in the off-season. At Hanaichimonme, enjoy all-you-can-eat strawberry picking and a range of family-friendly experiences. Stop by the petting zoo to feed rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs, or head to the colorful begonia garden. End your day at the cafe and try begonia-flavored soft-serve ice cream.


Nature Adventures

One of Nikko’s charms is its abundant nature. Families can enjoy outdoor adventures including hiking and canoeing. Senjogahara, part of a Ramsar protected wetland in Nikko National Park, has attractive hiking trails with flat courses along wooden boardwalks—making the area suitable for all ages. This expansive highland marsh covers about 400 hectares between Lake Chuzenji Yumoto Onsen. A two to three hour hike offers plenty to see, from birds to alpine flowers, along with striking mountain scenery. For a relaxing outdoor experience, take to the water and enjoy a 40-minute boat cruise down the Kinugawa River. Professional boatmen skillfully pilot long wooden boats down emerald waters, with a few fast-flowing sections for safe thrills. Along the way, the boatmen point out diverse rock formations that resemble animals and other interesting objects. In the winter, Nikko is blanketed in powdery snow, making it optimal to enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Nikko Yumoto-Onsen Ski Slope has a range of gentle courses for beginner skiers or snowboarders. Families with small children can enjoy sledding down hills covered with soft, fluffy snow. Lessons are available for beginners, including children. End a full day of skiing and fun family activities with with a relaxing soak at nearby hot springs. Nikko Base offers family-friendly and action-packed tours of Nikko. Enjoy mountain biking around the Nikko Toshogu Shrine area or along the cedar-lined Suginamiki Kaido (Nikko Cedar Avenue). Families can also take to the water with canyoning and fishing tours. Enjoy traditional townscapes and historical districts through a range of activities.


Rainy Day Fun

Nikko has interactive, cultural workshops and facilities where visitors can gain a deeper understanding of the local culture and environment. Yuba (bean curd skin) is a Nikko delicacy. This protein-rich food was traditionally prepared for Shinto and Buddhist priests. Try making and eating this nutritious and delicate soy dish at a workshop offered by the Nikko Yuba Company. Families can immerse themselves in Nikko's culture with woodcarving workshops. Choose from items such as mirrors and picture frames, and carve intricate designs including sleeping cats, monkeys, or dragons. This family-friendly activity also makes for the perfect Nikko souvenir. The Nikko Natural Science Museum is ideal for rainy days, with various interactive, cultural, and historical exhibits. Enjoy a large screen presentation introducing Nikko's nature and history in English and other languages. Full-size dioramas showcase Nikko’s flora and fauna with a special focus on Okunikko, the mountainous region in the center of Nikko National Park. Other exhibits introduce the history and culture of Nikko.

Areas of Nikko