Daytrip or Overnight at Nikko's Hot Springs

Hot springs are dotted all around Nikko. Geothermal activity bubbling under the area heats Nikko’s subterranean water sources, creating many refreshing and rejuvenating natural onsen.

Onsen baths are commonly found at hotels and ryokan, but visitors do not need to be guests to enjoy them. Even day-trippers to Nikko are encouraged to visit and try many of these invigorating hot springs for themselves.


Wide variety of onsen

Hot springs in Nikko come in all types, from resorts with a large selection of baths to quaint, rural onsen towns for a more rustic experience.

The most popular, built up onsen areas host many hotels, ryokan and public baths. Pedestrians can rest at free ashiyu, or foot baths. Smaller onsen villages nestled in the mountains are harder to reach, but their secluded beauty is well worth the adventure.


Nikko's onsen areas

Major onsen areas have been heavily developed over the past few decades and now offer a wide variety of hot springs and entertainment. The most famous, Kinugawa Onsen, is a cluster of large hotels and ryokan at all price points. Even if you aren't a staying guest, many of Kinugawa's baths are open to day-trippers. Kinugawa Onsen is also the location of Tobu World Square and Edo Wonderland. Kawaji Onsen and Chuzenji Onsen are also fairly built-up, with several larger onsen hotels standing alongside smaller ryokan.

Get deeper into Nikko at its more rustic onsen. These onsen towns, such as Yunishigawa Onsen and Okukinu Onsen, may be a bit more out of the way, but allow visitors to immerse themselves in nature and Japanese hospitality. Yumoto Onsen is set on the shores of Lake Yunoko, while Kawamata Onsen rests in a natural gorge along the Kinugawa River. Choose an open-air bath to fully appreciate the tranquil surroundings.


Onsen near World Heritage sites

Even if you're too pressed for time to make a trip to Nikko’s more prominent onsen towns, you can still enjoy natural hot springs in central Nikko. Rejuvenating onsen baths are just a short bus ride or walk from the World Heritage sites. Onsen bathing is the perfect way to unwind after a day full of sightseeing, and no reservation is required for daytrip guests.

Areas of Nikko