World Heritage and Onsen Highlights

Recommended Length: Day 2

Stroll around Nikko's world-famous shrines and temples in a kimono, then relax at one of Japan's top hot spring resorts, Kinugawa Onsen. This is a classic course for first-time visitors.

Day 1

Nikko Station / Tobu-Nikko Station

On Foot

20-minute walk


Kimono Stroll

Stroll around the World Heritage sites of Nikko while wearing a kimono. A kimono can be rented in a variety of materials and styles for women, men and children. Staff are available to assist in getting you dressed properly.

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Traditional Culture

On Foot

10-minute walk to Shinkyo Bridge

World Heritage Temples & Shrines

By train

10 minutes from Tobu-Nikko Station by trains bound for the Asakusa Station. Transfer at Shimoimaichi Station. Then 40 minutes by train to Kawaji-Yumoto Station.


Kawaji Onsen

About 11 kilometers upstream from Kinugawa Onsen is Kawaji Onsen, first discovered in the Edo period and said to help wounds heal. The resort lies where the Kinugawa and Ojikagawa rivers meet, and has about 10 hotels and ryokan. You can also buy the Yumeguri Yuko Tegata here, a ticket that gives you access to several of the baths in the area. Because of the quiet, mountainous location, visitors at Kawaji Onsen can immerse themselves in the open-air baths on the river bank, taking in the rustic beauty of the area in each season.

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End of Day 1

Day 2

Boat Ride

Kinugawa River Boat Tour

Experience the Kinugawa River on a motorless boat guided by a skillful boatman. During the 40-minute ride, enjoy gentle stretches, thrilling moments on rapids, views of changing seasons, and diverse rock formations.

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Water Activities

By bus

20 minutes on buses bound for Nikko Edomura

Theme Park

Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura

Experience the culture of the Edo period (1603-1867) at Edo Wonderland. Soak in the atmosphere of centuries ago as you stroll through the realistically recreated towns and samurai residences. Enjoy family-friendly events such as a thrilling ninja show, and dress up as a samurai or princess as you interact with period role-playing staff. Edo Wonderland combines history with expansive, theme park-style amusement for an extraordinary day out with plenty of fun photo opportunities.

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Entertainment & Leisure

By bus

20 minutes on buses bound for Kinugawa-Onsen Station

Kinugawa-Onsen Station