Types of Accommodation in Nikko

Accommodation in Nikko spans all varieties and budgets. Many travelers opt for a hotel or resort, but those looking to fully experience the city's traditional side can choose from many ryokan, minshuku or pension.

Types of accommodation also vary by area. Standard hotel options are most common in central Nikko, while traditional minshuku and ryokan are the norm in outlying areas like Okukinu.

Read on to learn more about the difference between these lodging options that showcase Japan's world-famous hospitality.



Ryokan are traditional, Japanese-style inns that put hospitality above all else. In contrast to a normal hotel setting, ryokan are often decorated in Japanese fashion. The floor of the guest rooms is tatami and futon are rolled out in place of beds. Guests often wear yutaka robes and slippers, and are treated to exquisite washoku meals.

Most ryokan in Nikko include hot spring baths. Some rooms have private baths to rent for a time, while more luxurious options may include a bath attached to the room. Plans with two meals per night, only breakfast, or no meals at all are available at many ryokan.

These inns are common in onsen towns, as well as near popular tourist destinations in the heart of the city.



Minshuku are also traditional Japanese-style inns, but more humble and budget-friendly. These family-run businesses typically occupy older buildings and have been in operation for many years. Minshuku offer many of the amenities available at ryokan in a similar style, but with a more hands-off approach. Guests can enjoy the peace and quiet of a stay in a less formal atmosphere with all the comforts and cuisine of old Japan.

Minshuku are less common in the more urban areas of Nikko, but can be found in smaller tourist areas and neighborhoods north of the city center.



Pensions are similar to minshuku in that they are small, family-run establishments. However, while minshuku offer a traditional Japanese inn experience, pensions are largely built and decorated in a Western style. These simple guesthouses offer all the amenities of a small inn without the formal atmosphere of a ryokan or minshuku. Meals are prepared with local seasonal ingredients and eaten in communal dining rooms.

Pensions are a common sight around Nikko and can be found near the World Heritage sites, in hot spring towns like Yumoto Onsen and along sightseeing routes north of the Daiya River.

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