Tobu World Square


In this theme park, you can see everything from the Great Pyramids to the Burj Khalifa—at 1:25 scale. There are models of 102 famous structures from around the world—46 of them World Heritage sites—all created with impressive craftsmanship and attention to detail. Dotted around the park are over 20,000 real bonsai trees and plants where you can experience the changing seasons, and in the colder months the models are beautifully illuminated after dark.

How to get there:
A short walk from Tobu World Square Station or 5 minutes on buses from Kinugawa-Onsen Station bound for Nikko Edomura, then a short walk from World Ennai bus stop.

Open daily (reduced hours December to March, with illuminations in the evening).

Tobu World Square

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