Senjogahara Plateau


Sitting 1,400 meters above sea level in Nikko National Park is Senjogahara Plateau. Covering an area of around 400 hectares between Lake Chuzenji and Yumoto Onsen, it was originally a lake formed by an eruption of Mt. Nantai. Over time it became marshland, and today it supports some 350 species of native plants and various wild birds. Winding through it is the Senjogahara Plateau Nature Trail, a gentle, two-hour route suitable for beginners. In summer (June to early August) you can see cottonsedge and meadowsweet in full bloom, while in autumn the trees and grasses turn red and gold. In winter, it is recommended to check whether the route is accessible due to snow.

How to get there:
65 minutes from Nikko Station or Tobu-Nikko Station by buses bound for Yumoto Onsen to Sanbonmatsu bus stop.

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