Nikkosan Rinnoji Temple


Originally known as Shihonryuji Temple, Nikkosan Rinnoji Temple was founded 1,200 years ago by Buddhist monk Shodo, who served as the first head priest of Nikko. Sanbutsudo Hall, the temple’s main building, is one of the largest wooden structures in Nikko, and houses eight-meter-tall gold statues of the Thousand-armed Buddha of Mt. Nantai, the Amida Buddha of Mt. Nyoho and the Horse-headed Buddha of Mt. Taro. Nikkosan Rinnoji Temple also includes a treasure house with National Treasure sutras and Buddha statues, as well as the Japanese garden Shoyoen, featuring a placid pond.

Sanbutsudo Hall is undergoing renovation until March 2021. During this period, the interior can be viewed from a special elevated area.

How to get there:
12 minutes from Nikko Station or Tobu-Nikko Station by World Heritage Tour bus to Shodoshoninzo-mae bus stop.

Nikkosan Rinno-Ji Temple

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