Gohanshiki (Ceremony of Forced Rice Eating)


This traditional ceremony is still observed only at Nikkosan Rinnoji Temple. The name means rice festival, and it involves participants being "forced" (in an amusing, ritualized way) to eat huge bowls of rice. The belief behind it is that the participants—and any onlookers who receive amulets—will be blessed by the Buddha, as he immediately eradicates the Seven Major Misfortunes from their lives and bestows on them the Seven Major Fortunes. It is said that important daimyos (feudal lords) participated in this ceremony in the Edo period.

*Gohanshiki(Ceremony of Forced Rice Eating) has been cancelled in 2021.

How to get there:
10 minutes from Nikko Station or Tobu-Nikko Station by World Heritage Tour bus to Shodoshoninzo-mae bus stop.

April 2nd

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