Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

The Nikko City Tourism Association (hereafter 'the association') will not disclose customer's personal information to a third party for any reason other than that of the legal purposes, without obtaining prior consent. Furthermore, it will not provide customer's private information to another trader etc. without prior notification.

Customers who use the association’s site

When the association's site is used by customers, customers' personal information (names, email addresses etc.) from email inquiries may be kept on file. Information kept on file will be used solely for the purposes of responding to inquiries and providing services to the customers from whom requests have been received. Furthermore, personal information and other received data is guaranteed to be handled under strict management and with due attention to discretion.

Copyright and links


All of the articles, photographs, charts, diagrams, graphs etc. provided on this website are the property of the Nikko City Tourism Association (hereafter 'the association') and each of the providing enterprises and establishments. Any unauthorized use of information in reproduction, sale, publication etc. is prohibited.


Links may be freely attached to this site. When attaching a link, please provide the link to the site's top page. Furthermore, when attaching a link, please send a notification to the below contact for inquiries without fail. Furthermore, should the association judge that there is a risk that the reliability of information publicly announced on this site will be compromised, a link may be rejected. Even after a link has been given consent, if it is judged by the association that the link is inappropriate owing to changes in circumstances transpiring after consent is given, the link may be rejected.

Inquiries regarding copyright / links

Please send inquiries by email with the inquirer's name, address, return email address and details of inquiry to the following address

Contact for inquiries

Nikko City Tourism Association
Postal Code: 321-1261
Michinoeki-Nikko Nikko-Kaido Nikonikohonjin, 717-1 Imaichi, Nikko-shi, Tochigi
TEL +81-288-22-1525 FAX +81-288-25-3347